Concrete CMS Roadmap



Spring 2023

  • Significant refinements to the in-page editing experience.
  • Version 1 of the Concrete CMS REST API built-in and fully functional.
  • Site Health Hub – run reports against your site to ensure its optimally and securely configured.
  • Improved PHP 8 support.
  • Much more.


Spring 2023

  • Maintenance release and bug fixes for 9.2.0.


Summer/Fall 2023

  • Containers 2.0: significant improvements to containers to make them more useful and functional.
  • Boards 2.0: bug fixes and enhancements to Boards to make them easier to understand and more useful.
  • New Theme! Oxford Shirt built into the core, specifically targeting intranets and other communication hubs.
  • Much more!

To follow along on issues specifically designed for 9.3.0, check out the 9.3.0 GitHub milestone.