Here's a few of the thing we have in the works coming out soon. 



  • PHP Version 8 support.
  • Support for new Marketplace shopping.
  • Various bug fixes.



  • Multi-site support.
  • New file manager.
  • Completely updated editing experience and dashboard.
  • New flexible image editor layer.
  • Stacks now have folders.
  • Boards, Stripes & Containers. 
  • New Bedrock themeing approach (optional).

Community Site

  • New .com marketing site targeting website manager with a team. 
  • New .org marketing site targeting web developers.
  • New forums using Discourse.
  • New Marketplace.
  • New community members portal with federated login. 
  • Updated certification & partner programs. 
  • Refreshed doucmentation & translate interfaces. 
  • New hosting platform with integrated DevOps tools.