Get Involved

Building a web for the greatest good, together.

We're building the printing press of the future. This is pencil and paper for our grandchildren. Concrete CMS is an open source project because we believe the tools to express your ideas should be accessible to everyone.


Where do you fit in?

It's very hard to imagine building a website built for just one person. Fundamentally the reason anyone builds a website is to share ideas with other people. Maybe it's a marketing site for a business, maybe it's a blog about your cat; regardless someone who is building a website is looking to connect with other people to share ideas. 

For their experience with Concrete CMS to deliver on that emotional need for connection, they need to feel community in every step of the process. Anything we can do to make Concrete CMS newbies feel the friendly voices of other people willing to help is going to make a massive difference to their product journey. 

You don't have to be a PHP guru ready to tackle complex bugs in the core. Fear not - your contributions to the community can be valuable in many ways:

  • Join the discussion. We're routinely sending people to the forums to get help with technical and training needs. There's plenty of opportunities every day to be helpful there and some of that might turn into a freelance gig for you too!
  • Get the word out. When the team behind Concrete tells the world how awesome we are, eyes roll. When YOU do it, eyebrows go up. Spending a little energy making sure we have positive reviews on these websites is huge for us, and they're often paying for reviews with gift cards too!
  • Internationalization. We have translations into more than a dozen languages today that all need to be kept up to date. We'd like dozens more. If you speak another language, we really need your help.
  • Host with us. We have some great DevOps tools built to support a modern code deploy process around Concrete CMS. If you want the best Concrete hosting out there, choose to host with us and your also supporting the project. 
  • Build Extensions. We always need more great looking themes and helpful add-ons. If you run a creative services company building extensions for our marketplace is a great way to get some passive revenue in the door. 
  • Submit to the core. We're always looking for help on the core. Check out issues that are high value targets on github, or write up your own improvement ideas and drum up some interest there.