We are pleased to announce that release candidate 2 for concrete5 8.2.0 is now available! (Release candidate 1 was actively worked on in GitHub but was never publicly posted to concrete5.org). You can download 8.2.0 RC2 from our downloads page on concrete5.org. We are really excited about 8.2.0 please download it, backup your 5.7 sites and update them, or install 8.2 fresh. A full list of what's changed in this version is available here. Read on for more information, including some important backward compatibility information (especially important if you have Express Form custom templates.)

Version 8.2.0 is a huge release. It's definitely our largest release for version 8, and one of the biggest releases we've ever done. Some of the updates include:

  • Major improvements to language support, including the ability to dynamically download translation languages during installation or at any point afterward (thanks mlocati, Remo, ahukkanen)
  • Thumbnail options Dashboard Page: specify whether to keep thumbnails in the PNG format if they are PNG files; provide ability to use Imagick for thumbnailing; better thumbnail functionality behind the scenes (thanks mlocati)
  • Added a crop option to custom file manager thumbnail types: now you can specific a width and a height, but still resize items proportionally (thanks mnakalay)
  • Multilingual sites now can use a dual sitemap to copy pages from one language tree to another.

  • Completely reworked and updated IP banning functionality, including bug fixes, formatting and display improvements, and support for IPv6 addresses (thanks mlocati)

  • You can now move files (singular and in bulk) to folders using an overlay window rather than just clicking and dragging (thanks mnakalay)

  • Ability to export users, reports and all express entries as CSV lists.
  • Added ability to jump to a particular folder in the file manager.

These are only some of the feature improvements. Additionally, there are tons of UI improvements, performance improvements, minor usability tweaks, and bug fixes. Please give 8.2.0 a try.

Important Notes

There are some backward compatibility issues with version 8.2.0. It should install cleanly over (as well as any version of 8.0) but if you've made some customizations to your site you'll want to check them against this list, and possibly look at the documentation updates we've added to the developer documentation.

  • Added protected properties to class `Concrete\Core\Application\UserInterface\Menu\Item\Item` in order to avoid accessing undefined properties and optimize memory usage (See: https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/5307)
  • If you have done any Express Form customizations for custom rendering, you will need to update your customizations there is a new way of performing these customizations that gives greater flexibility and reduces the need for custom templates and spaghetti code. Please check out the Express Form Documentation: Express Form Theming
  • If you have a custom form template for the express_form block, you will have to remove the line that looks similar to this at the top of the view template:$renderer = Core::make('Concrete\Core\Express\Form\StandardFormRenderer', ['form' => $expressForm]);
  • IMPORTANT: If you use the Manual Approve method of handling user activations, this option has changed to use User workflows. Add a workflow to the Activate User permission to the Dashboard > System > Permissions > Users page. This will force users to go through workflow prior to them being approved after registration. **Registration has been disabled on your site!** Once youve setup workflow, re-enable user registration from the Dashboard.