Upgrade to Concrete v9 and PHP 8+ before November

Upgrade to Concrete v9 and PHP 8+ before November

Jul 5, 2022
by lisan

Updated 2022-09-14: Critical Security updates for Concrete v8 will be issued through end 2023.  More info -  https://www.concretecms.org/about/project-news/security/security-support-concrete-v8x  

Original Blog: 

Please be aware that Concrete CMS version 8 will be EOL on 31 Dec 2022. We encourage you to plan to upgrade to Concrete version 9 before then. You are going to love the new features that come with version 9!

PHP is the programming language Concrete CMS uses to power your website. PHP 7.4 will be End of Life (EOL) on 28 Nov 2022 and Concrete versions below Concrete 9 cannot operate on the newer versions of PHP. If you are running on an OS, like Ubuntu linux, that will backport security patches, this might not be critical for you. Even for those cases, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your PHP to PHP 8.0+.

If you are hosting your Concrete Website/Intranet with us and have the Vendor Managed package, you have either heard from us or will be hearing from us shortly about doing user acceptance testing for the upgrade. 

If you are not hosting your Concrete Site with us, perhaps now might be the time to consider it and have the Core Team who created Concrete CMS work with you to upgrade! 

Should you require assistance in updating your CMS and/or PHP, we would be happy to provide a list of agencies with Concrete CMS experience who would be happy to help you. 

UPDATE 8/18/22
If you can't upgrade, there are still long term support options available.