Nearly a year in the making, concrete5 8.5.0 is now available today! Happy Pi Day!


8.5.0 is a huge release. Some of the major things it includes are:

  • Improvements to searching and setting file storage locations
  • Added the User Selector attribute to the core, enabling the selection of users for pages, files and Express objects.
  • Much improved logging support: more actions are logged, and you have the ability to specify what log levels you want to keep/discard in the Dashboard. Additionally, Monolog Cascade support means granular logging configuration is available in the PHP config
  • Additional support for configuring authentication limits and password/username requirements through the Dashboard UI.
  • Much improved routing component with easier to use syntax for developers.
  • Beginning support for our new REST API.
  • Added preview images when mousing over images in the file manager
  • Much, much more: 8.5.0 contains hundreds of updates, improvements and bug fixes.

You can check out all the additions on the 8.5.0 release notes page.