concrete5 8.3.0 is right around the corner, and it features a ton of updates. We need help testing it! Download the release candidate from our downloads page and post issues in GitHub.

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Full Release Notes

Read on for more about what's new.

concrete5 8.3.0 folds the core team's Document Library and Calendar add-ons into the core!

The Document Library add-on lets you easily place a list of files on the front-end of your website. Filter by folder or file set, provide a simple search interface, control the styling of results and more.

The Calendar add-on is very powerful, and the version we have integrated into the core more powerful still. In 8.3.0 you now get:

  • The ability to add multiple calendars to your site
  • Join pages to calendar events
  • Calendar events are a separate data model from pages.
  • Custom attributes on calendars
  • Event List, Calendar and Calendar Event blocks
  • Calendar and Calendar Event custom attributes.
  • Detailed permissions at the calendar level.
  • Workflow integration with calendar events.
  • Version control for calendar events (!)
  • A powerful recurring event model that works even with event versioning

Additionally, 8.3.0 features a new Geolocation Framework, with the ability to automatically geolocate addresses in the core, new command line utilities, improvements to the Select attribute, improvements to CKEditor configuration, and a ton of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Please download it and help us test it today!

(Important note: if you have the concrete5 core team Calendar add-on on your site, this release candidate will deactivate and uninstall that add-on, including all of its content. It will not upgrade it. We are working on preserving this content in the next 8.3.0 release candidate. As with all release candidates, please test this in your development environments first, and backup your site prior to installing 8.3.0)