This is the second release candidate to 5.7.4. This release candidate fixes some installation issues with hosts that don't have multibyte strings installed, tweaks some of the new help guides, improves newsflow on mobile devices (and in general) and fixes a number of other small items.

Our first big release of 2015, 5.7.4 is our biggest since launching 5.7 last year. 5.7.4 includes

  • A new help system, with guided walkthroughs, multiple videos and more.
  • Much improved conversation block support, including better support for non-logged-in users, notifications on new messages, new message moderation, better conversation display in the Dashboard including contextual menu for acting on messages, Gravatar support.
  • Our rich text editor, Redactor, is updated to version 10. We now include an undo/redo plugin, special characters palette plugin and better lightbox support.
  • Improvements to mobile editing
  • 5.6 features return: File manager success dialog window dialog (much improved interface); Add block for page area menu
  • 20+ other improvements
  • 100s of bug fixes and developer updates

We're mostly feature-complete at this point, since this is a release candidate, but we're still fixing bugs. This is a big release, and we've tweaked a number of things under the hood, so your feedback and assistance testing would be very helpful.

Download 5.7.4RC2 Release Notes