Concrete CMS 9.2.5 is Now Available!

Concrete CMS 9.2.5 is Now Available!

Feb 7, 2024
by jessicadunbar

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best CMS experience, we're excited to announce the launch of versions 9.2.5!

9.2.5 Release Highlights

In the 9.2.5 release, we've focused on refining user experience, enhancing security, and providing developers with more tools to create incredible websites. Key improvements include:

  • New Features: Introduction of an "Ignore Permissions" field to the Top Navigation Bar block for enhanced content visibility control.
  • Behavioral Improvements: Enhanced environment reporting, performance warnings for insufficient RAM, streamlined content management in Composer forms, and more reliable cache clearing for CSS files.
  • Backward Compatibility Notes: For a very specific subset of our user base, particularly developers who have implemented their own bulk editing interfaces, there are some important backward compatibility notes to consider with the latest update. This situation is quite rare, and most users will not be affected by these changes. 

Bug Fixes Overview in 9.2.5

  • Twitter/X Social Icon Display: Corrected a bug where the Twitter/X social icon was not displaying properly in Safari/iOS. This fix ensures that social icons are rendered correctly and consistently across different platforms and devices, enhancing the site's visual integrity and user engagement.
  • Redirect to Homepage: Addressed an issue causing unexpected redirects to the homepage when attempting to edit page type defaults.
  • Composer Output Control Block: Fixed an error that occurred when trying to edit a Composer output control block that had been disassociated from a page type and page template.
  • Undefined chooseCalendar Field: Resolved an installation error related to the undefined choose Calendar field when installing the Atomik theme documentation.
  • Express Object CSV Export: Corrected a bug where exporting a CSV from a saved search of an Express object would include all values instead of just those in the saved search.
  • Content Swap and Frontend Pages Removal: Fixed instances where not all frontend pages were removed during a full content swap operation.
  • Skin and Customizer Color Use: Addressed an issue where Atomik skins were not using the correct colors defined by the customizer, defaulting to Bootstrap defaults instead.
  • Express Form Block Name Change: Reverted an update that unintentionally allowed the renaming of an Express object via the frontend Express form block, which had unintended consequences.

9.2.5 Release Notes


Our commitment to security is stronger than ever, with fixes addressing multiple vulnerabilities to enhance the security of various components. 

Each of these vulnerabilities was carefully assessed and patched to ensure the security of your Concrete CMS installations. We extend our gratitude to the reporters for their valuable contributions.

See our security release blog post for more information about security fixes.

To explore all the new features in version 9, check out our landing page.