That was fast! We got a lot of great feedback on our first Concrete 9.0 release candidate, and noticed a fair number of real issues. In order to best keep this process moving, we thought it'd be best to fast-track our second release candidate. Here it is!

There are a number of fixes for issues in the first release candidate, the largest ones being bugs with some important core blocks. There are still going to be many more bugs to iron out, but hopefully this will squash some of the larger issues people have found. Thanks for the help in testing Concrete CMS 9.0!

Additionally, for any add-on developers who are starting to test 9.0, we've put together a document holding some of the most prominent pain points and fixes for them, as you work to make your code work under 9.0.

Add-On Developers: Get Your Add-Ons Ready for Concrete CMS 9.0

For a full list of all the new features in Concrete CMS 9.0, check out the original release candidate blog post: 

Concrete CMS 9.0.0RC1 is Now Available!

You can download Concrete CMS 9.0.0RC2 from