Announcing Concrete CMS 9.2.6 and 8.5.15 Release

Announcing Concrete CMS 9.2.6 and 8.5.15 Release

Feb 15, 2024
by jessicadunbar

We are excited to announce the release of CMS version 9.2.6 and 8.5.15. This release addresses a significant issue that affected our recent update, ensuring improved user experience.

Critical Bug Fix for Version 9.2.6 and 8.5.15:

  • Editor Issue Resolved: We have addressed the critical bug that prevented users from easily accessing the editor, resulting in a frustrating experience marked by misleading messages promoting an unnecessary LTS version upgrade. The issue was identified within the CKEditor, which was displaying obstructive notifications due to its End of Life (EOL) status and security concerns.

Security Notes

9.2.6 Release Notes

8.5.15 Release Notes