Announcing Concrete CMS 9.2.4 Release

Announcing Concrete CMS 9.2.4 Release

Dec 8, 2023
by ConcreteCMS

We are excited to announce the release of CMS 9.2.4, an update focused on refining user experience and resolving a couple of issues identified in previous versions. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in this release, ensuring a more reliable and efficient platform for all our users.

Behavioral Improvements:

  • New X Social Icon Update: We've made the New X social icon more adaptable and visually consistent. It now defaults to a more reasonable size when used in themes that don't specify icon sizes. Additionally, it inherits the color of its parent links, ensuring seamless integration into your site's design.

For a detailed overview of the changes in 9.2.4, please visit our release notes page.

As always, we highly recommend all users to update to the latest version for the best experience with our CMS. Your feedback is invaluable in our quest for continuous improvement.

Thank you for choosing our CMS, and we look forward to further enhancing your digital experience.

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